William Frost was a vampire, necromancer, and the master of most of the Pacific Coast Seethe's. He is killed in a vampire duel by Mercy Thompson in Frost burned.


William Frost was Caucasian male and had a soft-featured face with wide-spaced eyes and an upturned nose. He has ice blue eyes and an breathy voice.


Frost was an arrogant and ambitious person who was confident in his abilities to control his minions through his necromancy. He is also a able tactician and combatant


Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Strength: Being a vampire Frost is strong enough to young decade old trees. He is able to increase his strength though his necromancy.

Speed: Frost is faster than any normal human but not not faster than a werewolf in wolf form.

Endurance: Being a vampire Frost is able to withstand a great deal of damage before dying with the traditional vampire weaknesses such as being impaled through the heart, decapitation, burning and holy objects being effective against him.

Senses: Frost has hearing better than any human and can see perfectly in the dark. He can also sense blood.

Necromancy: As an Necromancer Frost has the ability to control the dead such as the recently deceased Fae assassin Spice. He can also capture human souls and keep them from moving on and use them via "eating" them to heal himself and increase his strength. He can also influence and control lesser vampires then he. Some vampires he cannot control include Marsilia, Thomas Hao, Stefan Uccello, and Wulfe.

Hand-to-hand Combat: Frost is trained in a mixed combat fighting taught to modern soldiers.



  • Based on the first time Mercy saw him when he was wearing gauntlets, Mercy dubs him "Gauntlet Boy".