Uncle Mike, also known, as the Green Man is a powerful immortal Fae who an ally of Mercy Thompson and Siebold Adelbertsmiter . He is the owner and manager of his bar, Uncle Mike's Tavern and a member of the Fae Council of the Walla Walla Fae Reservation .

Appearance & Physical AttributesEdit

Uncle Mikes' glamour is described by Mercy as the perfect bartender, having a pleasing face that is more charismatic than handsome, average in height with wide shoulders, thick arms, and short-fingered powerful hands. He also has reddish brown hair, but no freckles and has hazel eyes. He has a very thick Irish accent and smells like spice and old beer.


Uncle Mike has an outwardly cheerful personality that he uses to hide his naturally predatory nature. He hates and fears the Gray Lords and is believed to be loyal mostly to himself. He can be pretty oblique when he wants to and can hide his thoughts quite well. He is noted as having an odd sense of humour. He likes humans and mentions that he thinks he might be the only Fae alive that means that as not a meal and hopes to see them survive alongside the fae.


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Books Edit

Blood Bound Edit

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Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Glamour: Uncle Mikes' glamour allows him to adapt to any appearance that he wishes as a powerful illusion that alters appearance, height, and weight.

Geas: He put a geas on Tad Adelbertsmiter to protect the fae.

Charisma Magic: Uncle Mike uses a magic that makes people more likely to agree with him, even dominant werewolves like Samuel Cornick. It, however, does not work on Mercy as she is resistant to almost all magic. Uncle Mike claims using it is a reflex thing.

Supernatural Senses:

Magic Barriers: In Fire Touched he is shown to be able to create magic barriers by combining magic with salt, something that Mercy says shouldn't be possible and that it's the equivalent of using water to start a fire.

Disappearing: Jumped out a window and disappeared.