Travis Heuter also known as the Big Game Hunter was a human serial killer and Vietnam veteran. He is the brother of Senator Dwight Heuter and the late Helena Heuter as was as the uncle to their respective children Les Heuter and Benedict Heuter. He was killed by Les after being cornered by FBI Agents and Werewolves.

Appearance Edit

Travis Heuter is described as being an old man and that old age hadn't so much as bent him as refined him. He is also described as being the older version of his nephew Les as being of an all-american appearance and handsome with a charming smile and with blue eyes unfaded by age. Where Les still has a bit of the softness of youth, Travis is described as being all leather and rawhide.

Personality Edit

Travis even by his own family is "a little bit crazy" to the point of being a bit of a fanatic and zealot. An avid hunter after the Vietnam War Travis began to see other Asian-Americans as invaders and filth that needed to be exterminated to save his country. He was also abusive to his nephews when he raised them and and forced them to assist them in his killings when they were both ten years old. He was commented to prefer to rape his victims after he had broken their spirit.

History Edit

Born the older brother of Dwight and Helena Heuter in Texas, Travis would go on to join the army and fight in the Vietnam War which he would come back from with a damaged mental state and see the Asian residents of America as a form of corruption of his Country and would then begin his decades long crusade to "clean up the country". Starting with oriental girls and women he would kidnap four four targets one per week and then torture and rape them until he acquired his next victim after which he would kill them and tag them before leaving them to be found. Later he would start to target males.

Abilities Edit

  • Intellect: Travis is and clever and intelligent man who can devise plans and cages that even older fae and werewolves couldn't escape from.
  • Marksmanship: having been in the army Travis is a trained and lethal marksman. He is however never seen shooting a firearm in the series.

Quotes Edit

"You drop your weapon, you fucking drop yours. You are nothing. Nothing but the impotent tool of a liberal government too weak to serve its people and protect them from these freaks. You drop your weapon, or I'll shoot her now and move on to you."

-Travis Heuter to FBI Agent Craig Goldstein while holding Anna Cornick at gunpoint.

Trivia Edit

  • Owns properties and businesses in dozens of cities across the U.S.A.