Thomas Hao is a earth-touched vampire and the sole vampire in residence of San Francisco. He is the caretaker of Margaret Flanagan of whom he is also in love with.

Appearance Edit

Thomas is an ordinary appearing man of Chinese heritage of short stature and with black eyes. He moves like the fighter he is and manages to appear dignified and in control at nearly all times.

He has been seen to wear bright coloured shirts with Chinese dragons styled on them.

Personality Edit

Thomas has the appearance of appearing to be a perfect example of control and calm at any time. When he was still human Thomas would have been considered brave and heroic as the future Thomas reflects that he would have rushed to help someone in great need of help. He however now thinks he would no longer do this for someone he doesn't personally know or care for though Margaret Flanagan says that she believes he still would despite the harsh life of his past. He is said by Margaret that he doesn't do happy well.

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Powers & Abilities Edit

  • Strength: As a vampire Thomas can uproot young trees.
  • Speed: Thomas can move faster than an any Olympic athlete.
  • Endurance: Being undead Thomas can take extreme damage and repair himself given blood and time. He can be injured or killed via staking, beheading, holy relics and/or water, and fire. Sunlight however has no effect on him.
  • Senses: Thomas can see excellently in the dark and hear as well as any animal.
  • Earth-Touched: Via his mothers' heritage he can find and feel his way through the earth near flawlessly.
  • Solar Immunity: Via Margaret Flanagans' gift he can walk in sunlight with impunity and sleeps instead of dying for the day like regular vampires.
  • Don't-look-at-me: Thomas can make people overlook him if he wishes it.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Thomas is a master martial artist of an unknown style and is described by Mercy Thompson as "Flowing like water".

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