The eldest son of the Marrok and older brother of Charles Cornick, Samuel 'Sam' Llewellyn Cornick is the third most dominant werewolf in North America, a lone wolf, and his father is Witchborn and he mated and married to the Fae Lady Ariana.

He has been a doctor since he was human and is a close friend and former romantic interest of Mercy Thompson who he more or less considers his sister since her choice was Adam.

Appearance Edit

Samuel has the appearance of a tall twenty-something man in excellent physical shape with light brown hair, fair skin, and blue eyes. His eyes are deeply set, he has a long nose and a wide mouth.

Samuels' wolf is larger than most and completely snow white with ice blue eyes ringed by black.

Personality Edit

Samuel is usually kind, caring, and charming which has served him well in his chosen profession as a doctor. He also is known to be one of the few werewolves who truly likes humans.

Samuel has a reputation as being a very patient hunter. He is also fiercely protective of those he is fond of and who are weaker then him. After Mercy left Aspen Creek Samuel left the pack and moved to Texas where the events sent him a downward spiral before he was reunited with the love of his life Ariana.

History Edit

Powers & Abilities Edit

Witchborn: From birth Samuel has been a witch and as such is capable of using magic which manipulates the spirit and will of beings. He does not use this power often if at all as he is untrained and because of his experiences with his grandmother, but was noted by the same grandmother that the gift was strong in him and by Adam that the three most dominant werewolves in North America are witchborn.

Shifting: As a werewolf Samuel is capable of changing shape from wolf to human and back.

Strength: As a werewolf Samuel is strong enough to lift a piano if he balances it right.

Speed: Samuel is faster than any normal human in his human skin and faster than any wolf in his wolf skin though not quite cheetah speed.

Regeneration: Samuel can heal any damage done to him as long and silver and witchcraft is not involved as werewolves have been known to grow back limbs. This also keeps him from aging past the age of twenty-five.

Dominance: Samuel can command and control the wolves that are of lesser dominance then him.

Endurance: Samuel is able to take more punishment then a human due to his healing abilities and and the willpower of the wolf.

Senses: He has the sense of smell, hearing, and sight approaching a wolves in even his human shape. Being a wolf only heightens these senses.

Quotes Edit

  • "Your Alpha was in trouble, and you stopped and went grocery shopping?"

Trivia Edit

  • Due to Christianity coming to the British Isles during the second century but becoming stable in the fourth century and Samuel being alive as a werewolf when it was still recent makes at least one thousand seven hundred years old.
  • Due to his Grandmothers torture of him and the stealing of many of his early memories he can no longer remember his first name. Nor the names and appearances of his first family.