Lugh's Walking Stick is a Fae Artifact created by Lugh and which is loyal to Mercy Thompson. It is destroyed in Fire Touched by The Widow Queen.

Description Edit

The waling stick is about four feet long piece of twisty wood with grey finish and silver end pieces at each tip. There are ruins carved into the wood along it's length. The ruins tend to glow when it is using it's magic and the top silver piece can turn into a spearhead for combat use.

Powers Edit

Blessing Sheep: The walking stick can influence entire flocks of sheep to have twins.

Guiding Home: It can guide its' owner home regardless of the location and magic at play like when it helped Mercy and Gary Laughingdog escape the Tibicena and when escaping Underhill.

True Sight: Can let its' owner see beings for what they really are.

History Edit