Fire Touched is the ninth book in the Mercy Thompson Series and the twenty-second book written by Patricia Briggs . It is preceded by Night Broken and followed by Silence Fallen and set in the fourth year of the series. It was published March 8, 2016.


Fire Touched begins with Mercy waking up in the middle of the night with a sense of impending doom. Her husband Adam wakes up soon after and after putting her self travelling magic walking stick on the dresser goes to survey the security of their house. He quickly returns with the all clear while the walking stick has already returned to Mercys' side. They put it back on the dresser and go to sleep.

In the morning Mercy is in the kitchen going through catalogs for her garage which is being rebuilt after it collapsed after a Volcano God attacked it. With her are fellow pack member and Tibicena Joel Arocha and his dog Cookie while Adam is upstairs in an pack money managing meeting with Joels' wife Lucia, his second Darryl, and the pack submissive Zack Drummond. Mercys' stepdaughters friend Izzy arrives with her mother.

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