One of the Primals Coyote is the personification of a Native American trickster spirit or god. He appears throughout the series, and is first mentioned under the guise of Joe Old Coyote.

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Coyotes attitude is devious and sly with teasing undertones most of the time, sticking true to the stories told about him. He is however has said that he is the archetype of all coyotes and as such is a predator at his core that has been around since the creation of the world. He is protective of his children but refuses to make things easy for them, instead giving them tasks every now and again that sometimes even they think are suicidal. Coyote apparently delights when his children survive as even though he cares for them he also likes to throw them in embarrassing to deadly situations.

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Shifting: Can shapeshift into a coyote from regular size to the size of a Saint Bernard.

Dead Walking: Can see, communicate with, and command the dead.

Pathways: Can create pathways the bend the laws of physics.

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