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Cory Littleton was a vampire sorcerer that is now permanently dead. His first appearance was in Blood Bound, when Stefan Uccello request Mercy to accompany him (in her coyote form) to meet Cory as a witness.

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Cory Littleton was very mentally unstable. He had been tampering with black magic since he was a small child and when given the opportunity jumped at the chance to become a sorcerer and a vampire. After being turned he showed an enjoyment of taunting and killing his prey. He seemed to like making his captives fight each other to serious injury but not death as then he would no longer be able to play with them.

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Strength: Littleton is physically strong enough to uproot young trees.

Speed: He is faster than any human Olympian.

Senses: He can see near perfectly in the dark, and has enhanced hearing and smell.

Blood Bonding: Cory can create bonds between people he has exchanged blood with.

Enthralling: Littleton was able to enthral an older vampire like Stefan Uccello.

Magic: He is able to create magically reinforced cages strong enough to contain the third an fourth most dominant werewolves in North America and a vampire that can teleport.

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Andre: Andre was his master and the one who changed him into a vampire. As Andre had left out the fact that as a new vampire Cory would have to obey his master, Cory was obviously angry about this. Cory later gained in strength and managed to reverse the bond turning himself into the master.

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