Benjamin "Ben" Shaw is a snarky British werewolf that was banished from England and sent to America, he moved to the Tri-Cities and joined the Columbia Basin Pack after he was wrongfully suspected of rape. He is known for his foul language.

Appearance & Physical Attributes Edit

Ben is described as fine featured and a trifle effeminate which makes him look deceptively fragile. He has pale blonde hair and blue eyes. He has a nifty British accent.

As a wolf he has red fur and yellow eyes and is taller than the average wolf as if he had been built for running rather then fighting.

Personality Edit

Ben is an angry, nasty, and violent person as a result of his abusive upbringing. He is petty and is hateful to almost everyone he meets but especially dislikes women because of his mother letting his father abuse him. He also has a very foul mouth and is noted as being very creative with swearing but never swears around Adam because Adam disapproves of swearing. He is initially bitter about being sent to Eastern Washington but later begins to see it as an improvement. He can be funny, witty, and charming when he feels like it. As a werewolf he is not very dominant being the bottom of the pack except for unmated females and the submissives.

Later in the series Ben begins to change as he becomes more comfortable in his new pack and begins to befriend Mercy Thompson. He becomes less angry, nasty, and hateful in general but only really makes headway with his problems with women when he begins to protect a receptionist named Mel Dreyer that he considers his responsibility from a man named Mark Duffy. After this he becomes more dominant and protective raising his rank in the pack and thus increasing the power of his wolf.

History Edit

Powers & Abilities Edit

Shifting: Ben can shape-shift to his wolf form at fastest in fifteen minutes. He is more dangerous physically in this form.

Strength: Ben is strong enough to bench-press a piano.

Speed: Ben is faster than any normal human in his human skin and faster than any wolf in his wolf skin though not quite cheetah speed.

Regeneration: Can heal himself from almost any sort of damage as long as it doesn't kill him or magic is involved as werewolves have been known to grown back limbs.

Dominance: As an dominant wolf Ben can control any wolves less dominant than him. However he is not very dominant as only the submissives in a pack of thirty-three wolves submit to him. Since his redemption however he has become more dominant raising his rank in the pack as he becomes more able to protect those weaker than him.

Senses: Has all the enhanced hearing and scenting abilities of a wolf.

Quotes Edit

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Quotes about Ben Edit

  • "What exactly is a pony-shagging, bitch-faced, ball buster?" Amanda on Ben's swearing while laughing.

Trivia Edit

  • In Moon Called Ben's' wolf eyes were blue but have since been yellow.