Alistair Beauclaire also known as Gwyn ap Lugh is a Fae Gray Lord and a son of Lugh. He is the father of Lizzie Beauclaire and was formerly married to her mother.

Appearance Edit

Alistairs' Glamour makes him appear as a handsome but easily overlooked man that is tall and built upon frail-looking lines that don't quite hide the whipcord strong muscles. He has reddish brown hair that is greying on the sides giving him a refined look.

His true appearance is almost entirely human-shaped being between tall and average height for a human and built like a wrestler. His face has been described as having cheekbones that are high and flat beneath his eyes which are like expensive emeralds, clear and deep. Other than his his eyes his colouring comes from the sun, with his skin being well tanned and his hair holding all colours of gold with hints of red and falling straight down past his shoulders.

Personality Edit

Alistair is a fae that is known for keeping his word and is as honourable as he is allowed in any given situation. He is comfortable in the role of the hero as during his very long life he has played it quite often in the past. He is brave, loyal to his family and extremely dedicated to making sure the fae survive and coexist with the humans in the present day and future. Having spent a human lifetime as a lawyer he understands compromise and has a strong sense of justice that predates and outweighs his time as a lawyer by several centuries and which may cause him to exact vengence.

He is extremely polite with his ex-wife and loves his daughter deeply being willing to kill and declare fae independence in response to her capture, torture, and assault.

History Edit

He was born to Lugh and a Fae Lady as Gwyn ap Lugh and grew to be a power. Years if not centuries later his father started to turn like many old things into a monster and as Gwyn began to prepare himself to end his father when Loan Maclibuin, the Dark Smith of Drontheim beat him to it. Despite knowing it was necessary Gwyn still swore vengence and still holds onto the grudge centuries later.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Glamour: Like all true fae Alistair is able to create strong illusions that change his height, weight, and appearance to his preferance at the cost of sending a constant stream of magic to maintain it.

Senses: Alistair can sense magic and has hearing as good as any werewolf.

Storm Magic: Alistairs' most potent and powerful magic is to create storms, hurricanes, and whirlpools of immense power that wipe away cities without a trace.

Shifting Magic: Alistair has shown that he has the ability to assist a werewolf like Charles in speeding up his shift.

Sleeping spell: Alistair can put an entire house to sleep but has admitted that it is not his strong suit.

Quotes Edit

  • "What was done todaywas not justice. This man raped and tortured my daughter. Wen he was finished, he would have killed her. But you see us as monsters--so frightened of the dark that you cannot see truly your own monsters among you. Very well. You have made it clear that we and our children are not citizens of this country, that we are separate. And that we will receive a separate justice that has little to do with the lovely lady who holds the balanced scales--and has everything to do with your fear."
  • "It is not meet that my daughter's attacker should live." -Alistair right before he beheads Les Heuter.
  • "We, the fae, declare ourselves free from the laws of the United States of America. We do not recognize them. They have no authority over us. From this moment we our own sovereign nation, claiming as our own those lands ceded to us. We will treat with you, as one hostile nation treats with another, until such time as it seems us good to do elsewise. I, Alistair Beauclaire, once and again Gwyn ap Lugh, Prince of the Gray Lords, do so determine. All will abide my wishes."

Trivia Edit

  • He swears in a language of the British Isles.
  • Being that his father was killed by Loan using Excalibur before the fifth or sixth century means that Alistair is at least thirteen hundred years old.