Adam Alexander Hauptman, is a werewolf, Alpha of the Columbia Basin Pack, father of Jessica Tamarind Hauptman, and Mate to Mercedes Thompson .


Mercy often refers to Adam as beautiful, but embarrassed about it. He has Slavic features: dusky skin, dark hair, wide cheekbones, and a narrow but sensual mouth. He often wears suits that are just a little off color for him, which Mercy finds amusing and annoying at the same time.


Adam is very dominant and is driven to protect anyone he considers his, even if they don't consider themselves his. This has lead to conflicts between him and Mercy on multiple occasions.


Adam originally was sent by Bran Cornick to be Mercy's keeper, he told his pack that Mercy was his mate so that his pack would not harm Mercy.

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Powers & AbilitiesEdit

As alpha of his pack Adam has the ability to call upon the energy of the pack bonds for additional strength and speed. He shifts faster and with less effort than the average wolf.


Jessica Hauptman - Adam loves his daughter and as said and shown in the first book, he will do anything to make sure she is safe and happy.

Mercy Athena Thompson Hauptman - Adam's relationship with Mercy evolves from adversarial neighbors to friends, to their current, mated, status.


  • Adam is a dominant wolf who is third in line for the title of the Marrok after Bran's sons, or he was before his pack split from the Marrok's.
  • His phone does things Mercy's computer struggles with.
  • He speaks Russian fluently.